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12 Jul 2012 15:05

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Listen to our latest Podcast recorded by Ripperton! Podcast 48 mixed by Ripperton

POBIERZ: Podcast 48 - Ripperton


Muno Podcast 48 - Ripperton by


Your biography starts with sentence that You was born in the '70 one of the most exciting times in music. So tell us what's Your music background and how did You get involved into electronic music?

I grew up in the explosion of acid house in the 80's, and Lausanne the city where I come from was really known for his electronic scene, so I get involved really young into the house scene and as dj and producer. Early 90's I heard the likes of Robert Owens & Larry Heard, Kid Batchelor, Tony Humphries, Louie Vega and Djaimin or Mandrax for the local heroes. It was an amazing period full of joy, freedom and happiness.

You were a member of Reasons band which won some music awards in Switzerland. It seems that from the very beginning You worked with other musicians. What's the difference in producing and playing live with other people and alone? Which one You prefer?

Sharing or making music with others is one of the best thing. I mean music is made to be shared in all ways. I like to work with musicians on stage I'm not a good instrumentalist but behind my MPC or my computer I feel good. I like to add the power of machines in a show. So I like to play as dj as I like to play as member of a band. Equally.

You and Mirko Loco had run a project Lazy Fat People. You made a few outstanding records for Border Community, Wagon Repair and Planet E. Why did You decide to split up?

Sometime in your life you meet people at the right time, then things move forward and you have to make choices for yourself. That's what I did going solo and never regret it.

They say recording an album is like a next step in producers career. What is 'Niwa' for You after 2 Years of release?

Haha yeah, I don't know. The making of Niwa was a great experience and full of magic moment. The medias and the people reactions were amazingly positive and I'm proud of the result but in the same time I got pressure from my second one as I want to make something as special as Niwa was. So if the next step is gettin' pressure on shoulders, I can say yes!

What's the story behind 'Lost in colors' mini album?

I did few of the track on that record for my son's birth. I sent them to Marc Romboy and he liked them a lot, we started for a simple 12" then I added 2 more tracks and we did the remixes. Soon after Marc decided that it was a mini-lp. Think it was a good idea in terms of marketing etc... For me its a more a kind of big EP. It's always a pleasure to work with Marc, he's really pleasant, serious and works hard for us but my next album will be the "second one" and it will be more personal, less club like Niwa was.

What're the biggest difficulties in running Your own label in 2012?

The question is more: what is easy running a label in 2012? The answer is "nothing". You have to fight everyday for everything. What is the more hard for me it's to keep my enthusiasm as there is so much things to manage that has no interaction with the music.

Tell us something about your production process? Do You spend all day in the studio or You produce only when You're in a mood?

I'm a worker, I go to the studio like at work. From Tuesday to friday 8-10 hours a day every week. I got two kids so I don't have time and energy at night anymore.
Anyway, if I got some light I got my computer at home or my iPad with me. Then Ican catch that idea and use it later. Lately I changed all my setup as I was bored in the studio. I need some changes all the time and maybe that's why my remixes and works are not sounding similar all the time.

You made numerous remixes for big names in electronic music. Do you prefer to do productions from the very beginning or work on somebody's project?

I like to make remixes, its not really difficult for me. It's more like a recreation at my own production. I can experiment things, and focus more on the club thing. You should know that usually I'm working from sratch even for remixes, I'm not using the original parts so much, that's why I feel comfortable to work with vocals, I can do my music and follow the vibe.

What's Your plans for the nearest future? Any new release, maybe a new album.

Yes I got projects coming, with Agnès and with Deetron (I just finished a remix for the single of his new album) later this year. In top of that, I'm focusing on my new label Tamed Music and Tamed Xtra with new releases from me, remixed by Ghostek or Bicep and new projects from Mariska Neerman or Chicago Damn.
I got a big smile thinking about what is coming in the next month. My second album his following his own path so I don't know yet when it will be finished as I have to experiment more. Hope next year!

In few weeks You're coming to Poland to play at Audioriver Festival. Have You ever heard anything about the festival before? What can we expect from Your set?

I'm more than excited to come I have to say, there is some serious artists on the line up and music friends like Martyn and Nathan Fake. I heard many many good things about the festival and I really love Poland and artists from there like Margaret Dygas!

Tell us something about Your mix.

It's a part of a live recording I did in club last week. I just bring the best hour from the set. Like this you can have an idea of what you'll hear at audiodriver and I answer the second part of your last question.




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