Privacy Policy

As the administrator of personal data, BPM Media will do its utmost to ensure that all data given to the company via the use of Muno.plwill be secured and properly looked after.

Users' personal data will be protected and guarded from unauthorized third parties in accordance with a bill passed in the Polish parliament on August 29th, 1997, which regulated the issue of personal data, and its protection. Thus, all interested parties have the opportunity to check's privacy policy at all times.

BPM Media would, however, like to state that the social – informative nature of allows for the publication and sharing of users' data (based on what information the user agreed to include in his public profile), via indexing in search engines, making the data of some users readily available for use by third parties.

The data in's system logs can include s variety of data, IP addresses included, meaning that  connection sources can easily be traced. Such information is processed by BPM Media for technical reasons associated with server administration, as well as general statistical and demographic information.

BPM Media would like to state that all information in the systems logs can be passed on to law enforcement officials should a third party not act in accordance with BPM Media's terms and conditions, hack the server, break into other users' accounts, or act in such a way that others cannot use the site. applies cookies as a means of providing services and content tailored to the individual needs and interests of users. Additionally, cookies are also used for collecting statistical data regarding the use of, and all its subpages and services.  'Cookies' are small bits of data saved by the host server on a user's computer, which can be read by the server the next time a user logs back on to the server. All users can disable the Cookies option in their Internet browser whenever they wish to do so, although it should be noted that this can cause technical difficulties when using some of the services offered by BPM Media cannot be held responsible for such service interruptions.

The registration questionnaire and the registration process requires the following information: name (or names), surname, date of birth, e-mail address, login, password, user name as well as a generated code that will activated your account.

No data, with the exception of the user name, will be shown in user profiles, unless a user agreed to share information such as his/her name, date of birth, e-mail address, login, password as well as the his/her activation code during the registration process. Additionally, data including friends, a list of groups, as well as a list of all forum posts can, but does not have to, be shared by a particular user.

Korzystanie z witryny oznacza zgodę na wykorzystywanie plików cookies, z których niektóre mogą być już zapisane w folderze przeglądarki. Więcej informacji można znaleźć w Polityce cookies.