24 Apr 2013 13:18

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Już w najbliższy piątek we Wrocławiu wystąpi jeden z reprezentantów wytrwórni Minus - Hobo. Specjalnie z tej okazji postanowiliśmy zadać artyście kilka pytań.

What triggered your interest in electronic music? Do you remember first listened artist or labels which was your mainly source of inspirations?

Going back to the very beginning it was hearing "The Chuck Horn Show" on a Detroit radio station that gave me my first exposure to electronic music. I'd sit in my parent's car in our driveway and listen. He played an incredibly diverse mix and it was hugely impactful. So then as soon as Napster came along, I was ready to download!

Could we expect that you will reactivate your darker alias Tractile? Or maybe it's a closed chapter and you focus only on Hobo project?

Tractile is gone and never coming back. But I'm not just focusing on the Hobo project. I have lots of projects to juggle, they just aren't all know.. yet!

You stopped playing your music as live-act version - this is a permanent change or you planning back in the future to play again only your production? In which role do you feel more comfortable?

I may return to a special one-off live set for special occasions in the future, but I've made any concrete plans yet. I will definitely never go back to playing live every week because it is incredibly boring playing the same (or very similar) sets week in week out!

We are witnessing about your frequent appearances b2b with Matador - what decided on that?

Nothing was ever decided upon.. this whole thing just happened. We really just want to get the same things out of a party, so after hanging it out a while it naturally just fell into place. Really we just get along.

You first realeased for Minus was „Unquenchable” In 2006 on Min2Max Compilation. Next month we will listen next serious – you are responsible for the overall mix of the second CD’s – how did you prepare for it?

I didn't do much preparation other than to listen to the tracks from the compilation. I just wanted to make sure that the mix wasn't flat and that it had a good flow to it. I want that from any mix that I do, so again I just listened to the music a few times and went for it.

I couldn’t ask about work with Richie Hawtin – how big role did he played in your life? Could we considered him the architect of your music career?

Well I wouldn't call him the architect of my career.. My career, while it looked much different at the time, was well on its way before I even met Rich. I was touring Canada and Michigan regularly in the early 2000's before linking up with anyone from Minus. I'd say he is more of an influence and inspiration. I wouldn't have moved to Berlin when I did if it wasn't for the support of the label, but I did want this badly enough that I'm sure it all would have happened eventually anyway, as so many of my friends from Detroit had left for Berlin before I did. I really don't think there is an architect of my career. Just many construction workers and foremen who come and go. The only constant being myself.

Together with Richie and Mathew Johnson you are now the most well-known Canadian artists of electronic music - especially here in Poland Canadian local scene is exotic for us – how it looks like there?

Cool, I had no idea! Unfortunately there isn't much of a scene in Canada. You do have scenes in each big city, but it's a country so vast in its size that no single scene can really grow and cross-pollinate like what happens here in Europe. So given that, the city scenes in Canada are usually pretty small and tight knit. Everyone knows everyone. Definitely something nice, but pretty casual.

Your performance at the Audioriver was one of the best received – Did you enjoyed?

Ha! I hardly remember my set from Audioriver… all I can remember is trying to fight away the flies that were buzzing around the stage lights. It was like a crazy bug invasion! Of course by the river during summer, this is a danger, but really my memory is only about swatting flies and trying to clean my laptop screen off

What can we expect from your visit in Wroclaw?

Hobo: Good music!


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